Sunday, October 12, 2008

X-Ray Vision, upcoming group show

October 24th – November 14th

X-RAY VISION! during the Newark Open Doors Studio Tour 2008. The show will feature several regional artists from New Jersey, New York and even Pennsylvania who work in the comic book format or have been greatly influenced by comic book art. This is a first time solo curatorial project by fellow comic maverick Kevin Darmanie, who you may recognize as co-curator of Black Rock : The Metamorphosis of Home, from Isolation to Connection, where the concept of a comic and cartoon based event was first introduced.

X-RAY VISION! will cover a number of subjects, relating to role of comic art in current culture. It will present a brief look into the art of the past, present and future. The exhibit will identify the goals that comic illustrators have set for themselves as the true purveyors of the medium and question whether fine-artists, who are working with the medium, are doing so based on a deep understanding of it or simply on the advantages that the ‘look’ of comics has given them. It will challenge comic illustrators on the creative potential now afforded them and pose the question: How is comic art now perceived as a result of its current popularity in movie making?

With a month long exhibition, in a storefront immediately next to the Fortress Of Solitude comic shop at 597 Broad Street in Newark, a large turnout is expected. The opening reception will take place on Friday, October 24th, 5-8pm. Doors open at 3pm.
The show is a project of the Newark Arts Council, Fortress Of Solitude comic shop and the Brick City Comic Convention. For more info, please email at