Friday, January 30, 2009

Down the Rabbit Hole

Something Fishy at Balance has come and gone. I'm happy to have sold enough pieces that I made just one trip back to the studio after picking up the "unadopted".
Now I'm looking forward to the Paul Vincent Studios show "Disambiguation" Sunday, February 8th. For more details on that, click on the link to their blog.

March 3rd is the opening of my month-long show "Down the Rabbit Hole". I'll be debuting my Spring Collection of Battered Bunnies, their Barnyard Buddies (and a few Fish). The opening night is going to be one big party. We'll have a wee film, DJ Cate providing the soundtrack and a life-sized Battered Bunny available for photos (and tormenting, but be gentle...she's already gone through enough in her short life!)
More details to follow as they unfold...