Wednesday, September 30, 2009

JC Artist's Studio Tour '09

To see a variety of my paintings,
check out the following spots on the JC Artists' Studio Tour Map:
• (Spot #1)
Exquisite Corpse,
• (Spot #1.5 - originally #58)
Battered Bunnies'
Holiday Snapshots
Both of these are in the
150 Bay Street Building
• Fourth Street Arts Festival (#39)
and, finally, hop on over to
Journal Square's 32 Jones Gallery (#77) for a preview of my upcoming solo show, "Human Marvels!"
Hoos and I might still be hanging things at that point, but we'd love to have you pop in and take a look around and say hello -

On Sunday, at 150 Bay Street, Tina Maneca and I are joining forces to have a wee party in honor of all the hard work so many have been putting into these shows.
"Land of the Look Behind", featuring John Young, Kevin Spyker and guest Martin Lin,
will be performing at 4:30'ish.
Rumor has it, there will be free food and beer, too.
So, come blow off some steam with us! Who couldn't use an excuse to do that?!?