Monday, June 08, 2009

Unveiling the 2nd Gülick-Bastard

Ken Bastard is a really talented man. He can build a rock-solid canvas, paint a stunning riot scene in vivid color and fix your broken toilet if you ask him nicely enough.
I'm honored, privileged and really proud to work on a collaboration with this salty jerk.

We showed our first piece at Paul Vincent Studios on May 3, 2009 during a one-day show. If you missed it, you should feel like a loser. It was an insane event. The rooms were wall to wall with people, the walls were filled with a ton of cool work (google Laura Meyers if you have time) and, to top it off, tiny break-dancers took turns spinning on their little noggins to entertain us from time to time.

However, that event has come and gone. The posting below is where it's at this coming Friday. If you like sick, twisted, comic books and/or illustrative artists you'll find what you're looking for at Index.

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